Not receiving Campaign Reporting, Start/End Emails

I am a new phplist user and am using v3.6.5 and my server php version is 7.4.
Everything seems to be working great, except:
I’m not receiving any notifications…
In Config > Settings, I have Send notifications about subscribe, update and unsubscribe marked as “yes”, my Who gets the reports email is my system email address…I know there have been a couple of unsubscribers when I check the blacklisted list, but no cigar regarding notification to me by email.
Also, when sending a campaign, at stage 5 where it asks the email addy’s to report Start/End of campaign, my system email is displayed in both text inputs, but no emails are sent to me.

Any idea what is going on?

@fuddmusic Look on the event log page to see whether any errors have been reported.
Also, what do you mean by “system email address”? How is that different to any other email address?

Thank you for responding, I checked for errors, but all looks good there.
Sorry, by system email I mean my main admin email address that I used to initiate the program.
( Person in charge of this system)

@fuddmusic Does that address receive the email when you send a campaign to it?

If phplist isn’t reporting an error on the Event Log page then it thinks that the sending is successful. You would need to look at the next stage, e.g. smtp server or local mail server.

Yes, the campaigns are being sent out, no problem, the SMTP settings are working ok…
I think I MAY have found the problem…I checked again, I somehow blacklisted my own email address, (I’m new to this) according to the error log. It doesn’t show when I search for blacklisted email address’s…is it possible to have it removed from the blacklist?

UPDATE: I deleted the address via phpMyadmin > php_user_blacklist…it worked, all fixed!
Thank you for your attention to help me.