[Not realy Solved]V 3.6.0 Problem with domains statistics


It seams we have a problem with domains statistics in that release.
Instead of domain name, fistname.name is displayed like that:

Bug or config issue ?

Thanks in advance fot the answer

@jojo26 You might need to update the translations, menu system > update translations.
I cannot see a translation in my phplist of the heading in your screenshot “Top 25 des domaines de messagerie”.

Hi Duncanc,

Yes, because I already updated french phplist.po. :grin:
The original:
“Top 25 local-parts of email addresses”

I guess, in that case, local-part means domain.
Do you confirm?


@jojo26 No, it means the part before the @ character. I think that it was already mis-translated as the domain name but as you see the results are the part before the @ character.


Yes, I confirm, it’s the part before @ we can see.
But, in Main menu, we can see “Domains statistics”
So, it’s a little confusing. :roll_eyes:

If you confirm there’s no bug, I will update my phplist.po
with “Nom destinataire” instead of “Domaine”.


@jojo26 phplist takes translations from the i18n table in the database. I don’t know how or when the po files are used. There is a phplist translation web site that you will need to register with if you want to suggest new translations.


Yes, it’s the problem. Sometimes translations are in i18n and sometimes in .po file.

I already proposed to provide à french version (see my post in Development Team)

So, problem is solved! :grinning:



There’ still a problem with the top of page. In English :
" Once you have some more subscribers, this page will list statistics on the domains of your subscribers. It will list domains that have 5 or more subscribers."
It desn’t seam logical. :roll_eyes:
Or, I don’t understand English …
May be. :stuck_out_tongue: