Not able to send campaigns

I have disabled the TEST mode in the config.php but I am still not able to send campaigns. I queue the campaign, process the queue and no emails are sent. The list of campaigns shows it as active but sent to zero users. Test mails are being sent. I checked and checked and checked. TEST is set to 0 in the config.

This happens with RSS emails as well as simple emails. Whether html or text. No emails at all are sent when campaign is submitted, but test emails reach just fine (and not in spam folder either).

What have I missed?

One update - after switching site to https and changing theme, I was able to send a campaign without RSS. It still doesn’t work with RSS.

Sorry. That was a test mail, I guess.

@Vidyut Look in the event log page for any errors reported.

No errors reported in event log. I caught one of the problems. I probably hadn’t configured the embargo right or something. Now I can send text campaigns, but the RSS ones still don’t get sent.

However, I can send RSS campaigns as test campaign.

I have tried with php7.0 as well as hhvm. As far as I know, I have all mentioned dependencies installed. Test messages are working with both.

Also, when I click process queue, the spinner spins and goes all done. There are no messages or anything. After sending text campaign, I saw some messages flash too fast to read and it went to a page 2/2 saying done. Same results whether I trigger cron in browser or command line. Though from command line I can see the processing messages when html/text emails are sent and directly done when RSS emails are sent.

Not sure if this is related.