Not able to send Amazon SES emails

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I have setup Amazon SES and its AWS IAM user with keys and everything. I have also setup Amazon SES plugin as per the documentation.

When I send test email from Amazon SES, it works but no campaign emails are going from phplist.

Do I need to do something in config.php or config_extended.php ? I have already put all required settings in AmazonSES plugin.

I see that almost all web support is old and I tried everything. Can someone guide me in doing right steps on the latest version of ?


I’m assuming you installed the ‘common’ plugin, and also the Amazon SES plugin?
Once that is done, you would need to input the configuration data on the ‘settings’ web page of phpList… i.e. the location of your SES account, and the password.

Lastly, Ses requires that you validate your email address, for both the ‘from’ address, and the ‘envelope from’ address. Do that by sending emails to those addresses from SES, and then open and click on the link.

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@chintakdholakia look on the event log page for any problems that have been reported.

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Hello all

Yes checked the event log. No errors reported.

Also yes I did all the steps mentioned by you. Still no luck.

Do help thanks

@chintakdholakia If phplist and the plugin indicate that emails are being sent, and no errors are reported, then they probably are being sent from phplist.
Look at your SES account. There should be a log of emails that have been sent through SES.

Hello All

Got this working. I was using wrong SES Endpoint. I was using SMTP end point instead of API based. I was not getting the errors before but today I got the error message and from that, I was able to debug

Thanks for your help everyone