None of them subscribed but public subscribe page exists

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Hello. Using the Invite plugin to reconfirm subscribers.
I take a group of subscribers that haven’t been active, confirm them manually, dump them into a List.
Then I run the invite plugin, choosing “invite” for the template.
The invite plugin runs on schedule, de-subscribes the user, as is expected.
Once the recipient resubscribes, their record in the list used for sending is confirmed, but the resubscriber gets a message telling them they are subscribed to ‘None of them’.
That happens even though I have a public subscribe list.
Scratching my head here. . .

For example: I can’t make heads or tails out of these instructions contained in the “advanced” instructions for this plugin. I can’t find the referenced statements. What is needed is a simple walk through or screenshots.

Very frustrating.

With the subscribe page option, you can set “Add subscribers confirming an invitation to this list” in settings to automatically add subscribers who confirm to this list.

This requires using the “Subscribe page for invitation responses” setting, and the confirmation being made on that subscribe page.

invite plugin settings