"None of them" (on Membership Confirmation page)

I seem to have stumbled onto an older issue, but it’s affecting my install. A Google search for phpList and “none of them” results in many hits, but the solutions seem to refer to older versions of phpList. While it appears that people can subscribe to my list, when they follow the link in their confirmation email, they’re taken to a page that reads:

Thank you for confirming your subscription to our newsletters.
The newsletters you are subscribed to are listed below

  • None of them

Is this still a known issue?

[3 September 2015: fixed typo]

Clarifying the question: it seems the issue is my list is not active:


But in the newest version of phpList (3.0.12), I don’t see how to make a list active, though it’s referred to here:


Can someone point me in the right direction?

You can make a list public (aka active in older versions of phplist) either on the lists page where there is a checkbox in the Public column, or when editing the list.

If those checkboxes are disabled then you need to edit the subscribe page and deselect the list. phplist doesn’t let you change the public value if the list is used on a subscribe page. You can select the list again when you have made it public.

I’m not sure how you managed to create the subscribe page when the list was not public, so there might be a bug in there somewhere.

Thanks for your help. Now I know where to look, but the admin interface seems to indicate that the list is active (I only have one list, my default). The “Public” option is grayed out in the Subscriber Lists page, but it’s checked in the Subscribe Pages page. See below:

I’m not sure what to do to solve this issue.

Sorry I don’t know what is causing the problem.
You might try deleting that subscribe page, confirming that the list really is public, then create a new subscribe page and test that.

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Did you manage to fix it @bonfield? I am keen for your lovely sounding newsletter to get out there!

Thanks for following up. I tried deleting the subscribe page, making the list private, making it public again, then recreating the subscribe page.

I confirmed that I’d deleted it, but then when I created a new one, the text for the old was pre-populated in the form for creating a subscribe page. And now the admin page says I have two Subscriber Pages.

I’m still getting the same error: None of them.

And now, when I try to unsubscribe, I get this message:

Sorry, you are not subscribed to any of our newsletters with this email address.

Even though I’ve just confirmed my subscription from that email address, and used the automated unsubscribe link that was sent to that email address.

Hum, something has obviously gone really wrong. I have not seen this before. Is it a new install?

I’m having this same problem, too.

I believe this plugin is either 1) broken or 2) the instructions has language that on it’s use is not precise enough to use it effectively.

I’ve tested it thoroughly: deleting a previous user from the system, then importing them again. Choose all the proper features yet it still insists on responding to the subscriber that they are subscribed to ‘none of them.’

Checked and double checked all settings in phplist - only 1 subscribe page active listed as number 1.

SOLVED: what a headache

It would seem that if you move unsubscribed yet confirmed email addresses to a list other than the one you want them to eventually end up in and additionally do not include the one you want them to eventually end up in in the pick list of lists that the user needs to be subscribed to, then the recipient will receive a “subscribed to none” message.

The developer of the plugin might want to consider that admins will often offload bad or questionable email addresses to a different list to process rather than have them co-mingled with high quality lists. But with this plugin, unless you also choose the eventual list you want them to end up in (in addition to the temporary processing list) you will get the “subscribed to none” message.

It would follow when doing the foregoing, that they would also be removed from the list where they should eventually end up in - at least temporarily for this resubscribe phase of their subscription.

In other words: if you want this plugin to work and you are inviting a long list of users that you feel you need to process externally to your good lists, you first have to 1) move the users to a temporary list and also 2) click on both the temporary list AND the one you want them to end up in properly subscribed in the plugin workflow, 3) remove them eventually from the temporarily list.

Anyway that’s how I got it to work.