No "process queue" button

hi everybody,
i’m new and i’m starting trying to run campaigns.
I followed the guide as here but when I arrive to “Process your queue” step I do arrive to SEND A CAMPAIGN page, but all I have is a “view progress” button, and no “process queue”, I expected.
If I click it I land to LIST OF CAMPAIGN page, where I can see the active campaigns (and also that there are no sent campaigns), but nothing that says: yes, process it.

What should I do?
Thanks in advance

If you could give some details please, it’ll be easier to see if we can help you?

[quote]The information below will be super useful to those trying to help you:

The version of phpList you are using.Your server version of PHPThe url to your installation where possible. (eg: browser (and version) you are using to view your site.What exactly is the issue (screen snapshot can be helpful).What you have done to try to fix the issue so far, including links to any documentation you have followed.

Be secure: please do not give passwords, ftp access details or email addresses out in the forums.

Note that phpList 3.2.x needs version 5.5 of PHP as a minimum:
outdated PHP on the server is often the problem to recent queries,

Quite honestly it sounds exactly like what I am finding.

@riccardo are you set up as an admin, or as a superadmin?
I just found out an ‘admin’ cannot actually send an email, even if the prompt states 'Place Campaign in Queue for Sending’
Check if the role is admin or superadmin for the login you are using.
If admin, go to the superadmin login and you will find the campaign is in the queue waiting to be sent.

This must be new; we’ve been running phpList since 2008 and have always had a SuperAdmin account and a normal Admin account; the latter has always been able to set up emails and process the queue until just a few days ago when people who use that account noticed that they were not seeing the “Process the queue” and “View the queue” buttons.

We are running phpList 3.2.1 and at least 5.5 of PHP.

I gave that admin account superadmin status and now it can see “Process the Queue”, but I feel that this is potentially dangerous. There should be only one superadmin, and ideally a lower admin (who cannot delete or modify the superadmin account!) can still have queue access to lists they own.

If you run it as a cron job, then the admin can just place it in the queue and it will be sent on schedule… no need to press send queue, PHPlist actually works much better this way as no window to time out etc.
Just takes a bit of figuring out :wink:

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This limitation was reported in May 2016. Now we have Oct 2018 and V3.3.4 is the latest release but the limitation is still there.
Are there any plans to implement at lease the possibility to let a (sub-) admin create campains and send it to any list; including processQueue-function? Would be a great improvement as it was already there in V2.