No Longer receiving Campaign information or newsletters

I was receiving all information and newsletters but now I am not getting any of my own newsletters or even about my campaign information emails. I also am not receiving subscriber’s information emails. Up until the one I sent Feb 25 all was fine. I was so busy I did not even notice I was not getting the information. It shows information and newsletters are being sent out. There are no bounces and no blacklisted subscribers. Here is the strange thing. Others are getting them and reading them. I cannot say if every one is but a majority have opened them. I use email and am the only one on the list using that email address. I have check spam file and not there. Could Comcast be blocking them? Any ideas as to what happened as I did not change any setting or do anything different so there has to be something wrong somewhere that I do not know where to check. Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Comcast is ridiculous about everything to do with email… if you have a residential account.
Every residential account is assigned an IP address that is on a voluntary blacklist. They do this intentionally.
It is possible that you’re IP addy (comcast residential?) is in the headers of your email campaign.
Look there first.
Then make sure you have RDNS, DKIM, and DMARC setup properly.

Yes I have a residential account. I do not know if this will help any but this is the header of an email that did go through before Feb 25th.


Florida State Champion Mysore Fig

2/20/2020 10:52 PM


What is RDNS, DKIM, and DMARC and how should they be set up and how do I fix if not right.

My next question is why would it all work fine then on Feb 25 quit working without any changes on my part?

Can I call Comcst and complain and have them fix it?

thanks for your time and help

Don’t call Comcast.
They’ll only try and upsell to business class service which is, by the way, more expensive and provides less bandwidth.
RDNS, DKIM, & DMARC are all serverside. A simple search will show you plenty of places to test yours, and plenty of tutorials for setting them up. It’s fairly simple stuff.

After doing some testing by moving emails to my yahoo address if found the Comcast has blacklisted some part of what I have. I finally got an error code and a form to fill out and send in. They say should hear back in a couple hours. we will see. If others have the same issue with Comcast you might check this page. If anyone wants to know how I got this or how to check just ask and I will get you to that place.

Thanks and gl to all using Comcast in anyway.

The problem was 100% Comcast. My IP was placed on a blocked list. I filled out the form and sent in. The took me off the list. I now have all my information from PHPList sent to my yahoo email address and only the newsletters sent to my Comcast so now I should be fine. If not I simply contact them again to be removed again. Hopes this information helps others if they have the same issue.