No Error Reporting for "sending the message to request your confirmation failed" issue

This appears to be a common issue with several possible solutions. To find out which one is right for me, I followed the instructions here: Troubleshooting Techni... | phpList manual
and after receiving the message failure screen, checked the error log. There is no record of this as an error. Am I looking in the wrong place? The filepath is home/mailing-list-subdomain/error_log.
This file did record the “curly quotes” error when I tried to common “‘PHPMAILERSUBSCRIBEHOST’” solution, but not any of the failed sending errors. Therefore, I am unable to know what is going wrong.
Please also note that I am a below-novice level user using cPanel on a shared server.

@Benny You want to look at the Event Log page for any error reported.

Thank you sincerely for your assistance. I see that you have personally answered many inquiries related to this issue.

SMTP connect() failed. The troubleshooting guide suggests I read the SMTP transcript, which can be done If I set SMTPDebug = SMTP::DEBUG_SERVER or higher. Is this something to be entered in config.php? Where can I read the output once I do?