No emails are being sent, no error. Help please!

Hello and thanks in advance for your help.
I´m using phplist 3.2.5 and chrome browser

so… I´ve made some campaigns and added suscribers, I submit the campaigns, proccess the queue. Everything looks fine, it takes sometime to process and finally it says that mails were sent succesfully but no mails were actually received.
So I made a new campaign, added just 4 mails to test and same thing. In log event it says it cant find subscribers in the list, but the suscribers are there…
(when send a test it actually arrives, but not when proccessing the whole list)

What is going on?

Statistic shows sent 2888- 91 - 5864 - 4 (four different campaign). and all of them bncs, views, fwds and clicks 0


i will really appreciate your help

It looks to me that phpList is not seeing any subscribers to send to.
Did you select the lists for the message?
Is the ‘Quarantine’ time in the past?

Yes Im selecting the list, look my statistics:

The mails should have been sent…
If with Quarantine you mean “Embargoed until” yes it is in the past.

I´m thinking on getting everything in default again and trying from scratch, it is my first campaigns and i havent been able to send any succesfully yet.

Test emails are not arriving now either (they were in the past in previous campaigns)

It could be that whoever is hosting this is blocking or rate limiting your outgoing emails.

The reason I suspect that is that now your test emails are not going out…

Yes, but the test email were working before but still de campaings were not being sent.
I have set up de config file to match my hosting limitation of emails per day so thats not the issue…

Let’s just deal with the bounces for now.

  1. Did you setup a mailbox just for the bounces?
  2. Have you processed the bounces?
  3. How do you process the bounces, web menu or cron job?
  4. Is phpList able to read the mailbox? If you process the bounces via the web menu, it will show any errors or success messages on the web page.