No design after update Phplist

Today I did an update of my PhpList version.
I made the backup of my db.
I made a copy of my config.php

Everything went well, I uploaded the lists directory.

But now I have no more design when I log in. It’s a white page with all the menu links.
How to I get the webdesing back?

@Evy77 Possibly the problem discussed earlier CSS/Theme support broken after upgrade

In that case the problem was a particular php function parse_ini_file() had been disabled.

You can try making the change to the phplist code shown CSS/Theme support broken after upgrade

or ask your hosting company whether they have disabled the php function parse_ini_file.

Hi Duncan I read the whole topic and it does seem that I’m having the same problems.
Can you tell me where to make the following adjustments?

"Yes, it was the parse_ini_file function. I have replaced that with two functions:
file_get_contents and parse_ini_string

I don’t know why that function has been disabled, maybe you can ask."

=> got this from the topic, we have our own linux server, there is no hosting company. As far as I know there haven’t been any modifications on the server.

Also $pageroot = ‘lists331’; isn’t in my config.php

@Evy77 see my reply in that topic which refers to line 111 in connect.php

But you should find out whether the function parse_ini_file() has been disabled, and if so then have it enabled.

The reference to pageroot was a problem with the original poster, nothing to do with the theme problem.

Ok, I made the correction on line 111

Where can I check if the function parse_ini_file() is disabled?
Can I enable it or do I have to replace it with the two functions you gave?

Thanks so much for your help

I checked the php.ini and parse_ini_file isn’t included in the disable_functions.

Here is what it says:
; This directive allows you to disable certain functions for security reasons.
; It receives a comma-delimited list of function names. This directive is
; NOT affected by whether Safe Mode is turned On or Off.
disable_functions = pcntl_alarm,pcntl_fork,pcntl_waitpid,pcntl_wait,pcntl_wifexited,pcntl_wifstopped,pcntl_wifsignaled,pcntl_wexitstatus,pcntl_wtermsig,pcntl_wstopsig,pcntl_signal,pcntl_signal_dispatch,pcntl_get_last_error,pcntl_strerror,pcntl_sigprocmask,pcntl_sigwaitinfo,pcntl_sigtimedwait,pcntl_exec,pcntl_getpriority,pcntl_setpriority,

@Evy77 After making the code change does phplist now display the theme? If not then you appear to have a different problem.

Hi Duncan,

No after the code changes it’s still not displaying the theme.

I don’t know if this information is relevant, but when I subscribe to a newsletter, the email has a theme.

@Evy77 Look in the web server log file and php error file for anything that might be relevant.

will do, the error.log didn’t show anything.
I will look further

@Evy77 Did you originally install your copy of phpList from Sourceforge, or from Git? Copies of phpList downloaded from Git repositories handle themes differently.

Where can I see this? I have no idea.
Started using phpList in 2014 and have updated a couple of times without any problems

@Evy77 In that case you probably used Sourceforge. Sometimes people checkout from Github for development and then use in production, which has known issues with themes. Git versions say ‘-dev’ in the footer of every page of the web admin interface, like ‘© phpList ltd. - v3.3.1-dev’.

There is no way to see this :wink:
Only thing I can see is

Keeping you updated.

In the admin directory I made some changes in the index.php. I put all the functions concerning the themes as hidden.
And now I have the default theme again.

Do you think this will affect the working of the site?

Please can you clarify what you mean by hidden? Do you mean you removed these functions from index.php?[quote=“Evy77, post:16, topic:2660”]
And now I have the default theme again.

By default theme, do you mean Dressprow? Please provide a screenshot if in doubt.