No control over when the Welcome message is shown

Hi all

  • I have no control over when a Welcome message is shown.
  • most current installation
  • Steps:
  1. subscribe
  2. got confirmation email > accept confirmation > confermed is shown
  3. got Welcome email
  4. delete subscriber > confirmation email is shown
  5. resubscribe > got conformation email > confirmed > confirmation is shown
  6. no welcome email


  • delete subscriber (there are only 1 list and 2 subscribers in the test system)
  • reconcile subscriptions incl. blacklist
  • Rebuild DB indexes
  • tried systematically all option I could do to clean up the subscribers and it data.this serveral times.

If I subscribe the email-address again, I will never get a Welcome message and this is rather odd.

Why it is important to cleanup in a robust way. The welcome message would be an indicator that deleting a subscriber would really cleanup its data. It also relevant for the new EU data protection policy

Any hint for me?

thank you.
Best Ueli

Thanks for the clear report, and sorry you haven’t had a reply until now.

In order to preserve subscriber’s unsubscribe preferences, and prevent them being resubscribed by an admin against their will, some data is maintained to keep a record of their blacklist status, even when they’ve been removed. As I recall there are ways to permanently delete all data, but I’m not sure of their current status (changes were introduced in this area around the time of GDPR introduction earlier this year).

In any case the GDPR is compatible with retaining such blacklist data in this case, and this has been explicitly advised in a memo by the central authorities, though I don’t have the link to hand.

I presume that the welcome messages are functioning as intended – a new welcome email is probably not appropriate for an old, returning subscriber.