Newbie: Think I have missed something, not working

I have followed the page All seems ok so far, then I had a look at the config pages and added a test staff to see if I could setup an staff that does not have access to the setting page. I forgot the password I used ! so used the list admins page to have A password change token has been sent to the corresponding email address. But the email is never set going by the email log in my WHM emails sent page. I have setup email accounts correctly and inserted the usernames and passwords and set the TEST to 0

What else should I be looking at to ensure I have this setup correctly.

If you’re using the latest version of phpList then you should be able to set the admin passwords via the Web interface (not only via email). Either way, you can also edit the database directly to set the admin passwords, simply by inserting the password in plaintext, which will automatically be converted to a more secure hash.

@jasonc310771 which version of phplist are you using? There was an error introduce in release 3.3.5 to do with sending the password reminder email. The error was fixed in release 3.3.9.

I got it working thanks.

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