New version 3.3.2

The downloadable version is and has been for quite some time 3.3.1 .

However the hosted PHPList option is on 3.3.2 .

When can we expect to be able to download this newer version?



@slibbe Thanks for asking. To avoid disappointment we won’t set a date for release, however the release team is working on documenting and testing the large number of changes queued for 3.3.2, including many Trevelin theme tweaks and fixes, and a new set of views statistics. Hold tight.

Hi, is there a list of new featurs, updated issues?

There is a roadmap including fixed and planned issues that is generated by Mantis here:

It’s subject to change of course, but there probably won’t be major alternations before the next release.

@samtuke @michiel Four weeks later, please can you draw a line under the minor changes that are happening and build a new release? It is over a year since 3.3.1 and there are several important bugs in that release that have been fixed.

@duncanc Yes, thanks for the nudge

@michiel Has been working on this, and a new packaging process to simplify future releases. Unfortunately his laptop malfunctioned last weekend which set back process, but he has been working on recovery and there should be an update soon. Sorry for the delay!

@samtuke Thanks. Are you planning to go through the release candidate process? Given the number of changes that have been made I would be cautious about announcing a new release without wider community testing.

I know this will be like throwing a cat among a flock of pigeons in a small room, but has any thought been given to the possibility of doing an upgrade option where just the altered files are available al a Joomla etc?

I don’t see anything in the roadmap that mentions the option to send a request for confirmation when importing via csv.
V2 had radio buttons for: “Send Notification email” or "Make confirmed immediately"
That’s an important option that just vanished in V3.

@samtuke Another four weeks. Is there anything that we can do to fix whatever the holdup is?

@duncanc Yes RCs will be provided for public testing. Indeed there are a large number of changes.

@Dragonrider Would the purpose of that be to reduce the download size of the update?

@duncanc A second RC was uploaded to Sourceforge last month and we have been doing internal testing on that before announcing it.

One change is missing however which should be included and that’s the switch to Trevelin as the default theme. A new EC will be required including that. I’m not sure if that’s something that can be changed in the phpList 3 report given the current release/packaging process. Are you?

At the same time Michiel is still working on the Dockerisation of the release process which will make it more transparent. Some of that work is here.

@michiel can you provide an update on your work with Docker?

@samtuke Yes, reduce size of download, and thus upload times, as well as making it so that only changed files need to be overwritten. When updating Joomla (for example) via an update package, the config file is unaffected as well.

This feature appears to still be in the source code of phpList 3 just commented out. Have you tried uncommenting the related lines of import2.php? Are you sure that previously confirmation requests were sent (which require a response), as opposed to mere notifications (which do not)?

If you can provide a CLI script which would generate only the changes files then we could run it and add the generated tarball to Sourceforge as alternative option. It should be straightforward, but as the lead user I’d be relying on you to test each upgrade using this. What do you think?

@duncanc FYI there is a new RC3 on SourceForge as of today, which uses Trevelin as the default theme, and also includes a few additional plugins:

We are doing prelimiary testing now before announcing the RC.

I have done a clean install and Dressprow is still the initial theme.
Also, the CKEditor plugin is not enabled whereas that is the case with release 3.3.1.

@duncanc Thanks - first issue already reported, second one has been now thanks to you pointing it out.