New user with a simple question about personalisation

I’ve scoured the manual and searched this forum but I can not find anywhere how you personalise / personalize a mailshot.

Previous packages I’ve used allow input of Dear [firstname] to add the firstname or any other field that’s saved with the record.

How is this achieved with phpList

Thank you in anticipation


Create your subscribe page, set a new attribute for FirstName for example, and then use that within your mailshot./campaign as Dear [FirstName],

Hello Dragonrider
I imported my old mailing lists and it seems to have created attributes “firstname”, “lastname”, “tel” and “role” so I can enter [firstname], [lastname], [tel] and/or [role] into any message I create and it will pull them into the message?

Providing your existing subscribers have these values set, they should appear. If they are blank, then phpList cannot fill them.