New user registration: Send mail to server mailboxes only

New user registration: Send mail to server mailboxes only.

I have recently installed PHPlist. I did a test of user registration. PHP list sends the registration confirmation email only to the mailboxes that are managed by my server.
It does not send emails to other mailboxes.

Then I also tried to set up an external SMTP and I entered this code (with the data of my mailbox).

define(‘PHPMAILERHOST’, ‘mail.server.hostname’);
$phpmailer_smtpuser = ‘’;
$phpmailer_smtppassword = ‘user_password’;

I also entered other ports (25, 465 and 587) but I get this error in the event log:

The following From address failed: : MAIL FROM command failed,6rsml22jjOKZy6rsmlAIgJ invalid domain ,550,5.1.0SMTP server error: MAIL FROM command failed Detail: 6rsml22jjOKZy6rsmlAIgJ invalid domain SMTP code: 550 Additional SMTP info: 5.1.0SMTP server error: MAIL FROM command failed Detail: 6rsml22jjOKZy6rsmlAIgJ invalid domain SMTP code: 550 Additional SMTP info: 5.1.0

Do you have any ideas? Thank you

I found this page on PHPmailer problems:

Could it depend on the firewall settings?

In my server I have enabled smtp on port 25 and smtps on port 465. I also opened port 587.

Anyone have any ideas where I can find out? Thank you

It appears that there is something invalid with the From address. That is usually the $message_envelope variable in config.php.

Thank you for your answer.

the message_envelope variable is commented out in the config. php. This is the line:
// $ message_envelope = ‘listbounces @ yourdomain’;

Do I have to enable it?

The strange fact is that if sending confirmation emails works with other email addresses (with different domain names) hosted on the same server as mine.

Sending does not work with email addresses hosted on other servers.

@PaoloGit In that case the FROM address will be the address on the Content tab when you composed the campaign. That probably needs to be the same domain as the $phpmailer_smtpuser value.

You may get more information if you enable phpmailer smtp debug then send a test message. Look in config_entended.php for how to enable that.

Thanks, I’ll do the test.

@PaoloGit it looks like the FROM address will be Person in charge of this system from the Settings page. It is simpler if you set $message_envelope explicity. It is usually set to the address that will receive bounces.

I set the variable message_envelope.

The email came back with the following message: host[] said: 550 5.2.0 70RSlKH62xee770RSl5v5R dominio non valido / invalid domain (in reply to end of DATA command)

I found that the DKIM-Signature is missing from the email sent by PHPlist. This is probably the reason why the mail is rejected.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thank you

Further information:
The mail works and is sent regularly to a Gmail address.

Probably the block is from the provider that manages the other email address that I had entered.

Can you give me information on how to get around that provider’s block?


I found this article that might fix the KDIM problem:

I can’t find the “.htkeyprivate” file on my server which is done with Virtualmin. I have the key I see on the Virtualmin page, but there should be a file that already exists. Does anyone know the filename on Virtualmin?

Thank you

Anyone know how to insert DKIM signature in PHPlist mails? My PHPlist installation doesn’t insert the signature. Some servers reject messages.

Thank you

@ PaoloGit

I use gmail domain for the FROM address and I kept all defaut settings in config_extended.php.

And all works fine! :grin:


Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll try this way.

I tried to enter all the expected FROM commands.

The mail server to which I send the message refuses the mail by replying:

"host [nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn] said: 550
5.2.0 8JeclDnTchTw78JeclFE5P invalid domain / invalid domain (in reply
at the end of the DATA command) ".

The DKIM signature is not embedded in the email.

I do not understand the reason as sending the email with the mail program I have no problem.

Problem solved. The cause was an incorrect spelling of the e-mail address inserted in the PHPlist configuration. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank the provider who noticed the error.

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