New string 'Contact the administrator' in 3.3.3

There is a new string in index.php 3.3.3

s(‘Contact the administrator’)

shouldn’t this come from an inc file, to be translated?

I could not find the string in any of the language files.

If you wish to correct this issue until an update is considered, then add the following to your language ini file:

$strContactAdmin = “Contact the administrator”;

In your own language.

Then in index.php file, change line 375 from:

s(‘Contact the administrator’)



Have added issue to Mantis.

Thanks! I’ll make my local change.

I’ve since been told by @samtuke that

It appears that the string is in fact translatable (the s() function is equivalent to using $GLOBALS[’’]). But the string is not listed on Pootle ( It may be that the automatic translation process isn’t working.

This is being investigated.

Yeah, I just reported this bug and a second to the “translation” faculty. Then I immediatedly wanted to use your correction with copy and paste - and it didn’t work. Only until I realized that your apostrophs around the string variable had been translated on my German keyboard to grave accents… Oh, these languages. But now everything is fine. Thanks!

By the way, on Github has been updated now with the string.


Thanks for updating it @blu-IT

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@veltsu Can this thread be marked solved?

Yes, sorry.
One more question related to translations. Is Github the proper place to update I’ve asked you this before. The translation system po file has 10247 strings to be translated. The with most of strings translated can be found in Github

@veltsu Sorry for the slow reply. Is the the language properly accessible to you at That is generally the easiest way to translate, but if you prefer to edit the whole text file then you can download and then upload the files via Pootle (at the link above) as well.

Yes, I can access the Finnish language file at, but no strings are translated. The inc file, included in the installation, however, is mostly translated. I’ve explained this before.