New reply to field

just tried the new field in the 3.5.6 version allowing a reply to field in the Compose Tab, but can’t get to to populate ANYwhere

What do you mean by this? Have you enabled it in the config.php file as explained in the release note

Yes it is set to true

@johntrot So please explain what is not working. T he Reply-to field will appear on the Compose tab.

i can’t find the reply to field simply isn’t visable

@johntrot Please show the line that you have added to the config.php file.

define('USE_REPLY_TO', true);


this is copied directly from my config
define(‘USE_REPLY_TO’, true);
As you show in your request above, the Reply To does not exists… this is what mine shows

Campaign subject
(no subject)

From line

Message preview

@johntrot You appear to be using the wrong quotes (so-called smart quotes) around USE_REPLY_TO. Try retyping that using single quotes.

it worked, thank you very much… this is something I have wanted for a very long time

My Appreciation