New ReCaptcha plugin for

Hello folks, had some issues with the current Captcha. Wondering if others do as well and if so, perhaps update to the latest ReCaptcha2?

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Sorry for the long delay, I don’t usually read this :-/

Yes, it’s a great idea! Will do it tomorrow (I’m going to sleep now, it’s late here:)) or on Monday.

Thanks a lot,

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@jeffmcneill I’ve just activated recaptchav2 plugin in resources. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

And next time, don’t hesitate to mention me so I get a notification :slight_smile:

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@rata Really great! I don’t see the new plugin on this page, not sure where to edit to add it here:


@jeffmcneill sorry, not sure I follow you. The plugin is there on registration only. What do you mean with you don’t see it on the home page?

Do you mean a captcha for phpList itself?

@anna who do you refer with “you” ? And what do you mean with “a captcha for phpList itself” ?

Do you, @rata, mean you have added Recaptcha2 for this forum, or is Recaptcha2 now available as a plugin for phplist3.2.2 I think is the question…

I enabled recaptchav2 on the registration form on the site:

I thought that was what the first post asked. But I might have

@rata There used to be a captcha-type field that had to be entered when saving a modified item but that now doesn’t appear. Is that a consequence of your change or something else?

It appeared here and you had to enter five characters.

Going from the poster’s second comment, I think you may have??

Yes, I changed that too, sorry forgot to tell. A registered user needs to ask Michiel for permission to edit, so I figured it was pointless to require a captcha on edits. But I can be wrong. Do you think it is needed?

Probably. But @jeffmcneill can you please clarify what you asked? Why did you put a link to the recaptcha dokuwiki plugin? Is it for using it on dokuwiki ( or just to name recaptcha as a plugin of phplist? Or have none of them? :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

The captcha I was encountering was the one on dokuwiki edits. Sorry I was
unclear. Looks like that captcha is not in place any longer, so that solves


Jeff McNeill

@jeffmcneill: Oh, great then! :slight_smile: