New French User and Integrator. My contribution

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Hi everyone,

I discovered PhpList 5 or 6 weeks ago.
I integrated it to my website, defintely convinced the solution is “light” and efficient, and compliant with GDPR.

I work essentially in B to B, I will propose the solution to some customers who could need such solution.

So, I will contribuate as much as I can (depending of free time).
I created a first tutorial in French, for OVH shared hosting, and for beginners.
In France OVH is very used.

In the part 1 we install PhpList on OVH shared hosting
Part 2 will come soon (I hope) : how to deal with the sending limits (200 emails /hour), setup the cron task.

So, thank you very much for this Open Source solution !
It can be improved of course, but for a lot of businesses it’s more than we need.

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Hi @Support-enligne

thanks for dedicating some time to create this tutorial! It looks great!


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As promised, this is the part 02 in French

  • Cron Task
  • How to manage the sending limits (around 200 emails/hour)
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