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New feature: Sort the view of one table and possibility to change order

Thanks for the development you have been carrying out for years. I wanted to propose two small changes that could help.
a) sort view of this table

b) possibility to change the order of the registration pages (url: example )
Best Regard

@Tecnical Lists should be displayed in the order specified for each list

thanks for the quick response

Yes this is the order of the list into the (config > Subscribe pages)
but I was referring to the general page that contains all the individual
subscription pages:

The other request was to sort this entry:
( the screenshoot)
thank you

Best regard


@Tecnical It is not possible to sort the categories.

The best way around that is to use the Settings page, copy the list of categories, sort it manually to the order that you want, then paste back the result.
When you add further categories you can add them in the correct position.