New administrator

Hi, I was creating two more new phpList administrators, so I filled out all the informatión form, and then wait for that my other team people received their new administrator email where you click on the URL link to establish the new password, but it seems not to work.

This es an example of the link:

So I noticed on URL that it’s wrong because the path is incorrect

The email was constructed using “lists/admin” twice, so it makes the URL path incorrect.

What’s the problem, or where can I correct this problem?

@rrosenbergg Possibly either or both of the $pageroot setting in config.php and the “Website address” field on the Settings page are incorrect. The “/lists/admin” should be part of $pageroot only.

OK, this is how I have the two variables:

$pageroot = ‘/lists’;

Website address = ‘’;

@rrosenbergg Why does the link have an IP address, when the website address is ‘’ ?

OK, the link is from my QA environment, so the variables from this environment are:

$pageroot = ‘/lists’;

Website address = ‘’;

On my production environment all works fine.