Need help with phplist v3.2.7

Hi, I am new to phplist v3.2.7. The issue i am having is that when i send a test email, and i go check that email, it comes to me, however this is what happens.

The email content i enter, is fine, however when i add a link to my site, the link does not show in the email. i am trying to make the words Login here clickable and i used the add link but when i check the email the link i put does not show as a link, instead i get this showing up

i have been trying to figure this out on how to remove that and allow my link. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

@DAZNIGTS That is caused by click tracking being enabled. Clicking that link will redirect to your original link.

You can disable that in your config.php file (look in config_extended.php then copy the line to config.php). But then you won’t have any information on which subscribers clicked which links.

Thank you duncanc! That worked out for me.