Need contributors for the submitByMailPlugin

Need some contribution for the awesome plug-in submitByMailPlugin … as of the owner retired the development as owner’s comment here

This great plug-in is gonna die!

I have forked his repo, and corrected some “require_once” paths, that let the plug-in to work with php71.

Actually I can see this plug-in should be a function of the core phplist … I’m not a php dev, but I can debug PHP codes.

Are there any hands-up for the plug-in development ?
Are there any hands-up for merging this functionality to phplist core ?

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@michaeleino Great initiative, thanks!

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Great initiative - I do have some php knowledge and experience but a task like maintaining a phpList module is a bit out of my comfort zone. Like you, I can manage testing and debugging.
Another plea to make this a standard phpList feature - I just don’t understand why that has not happened yet. I’m using this great plugin to allow some people with little PC knowledge to submit a campaign. No need to login and go through all the different steps - just send a mail and confirm, it can’t get much easier …
Going to take a look at your fork - making it work under php 7.x was also on my list …