Mysql password reset for admin

Can someone tell me is we use the sha, MD or what is the right way to update the password for the admin user so I can log back in. Thanks

If you want to modify the admin database table directly then the hash algorithm to use is sha256.

Also you can set a new plaintext password in the db directly, and this will be detected and automatically secured and rewritten the first time phpList is initialised afterwards.

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I will try the plaintext can someone pass the right command I will check for the sha256 which I tried to set but that did not work form me. Thanks

ok this works:

update phplist_admin SET password=‘mynewpasswordworks’ where id = 1;

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That seems slightly risky. If someone generates a password p1 = sha256(p0) from a command line and then manually sets it to p1 in the database, should the user enter p0 or p1 as their password?