My Words of appreciation! !Orð af virðingu!

First of all, I would like to thank the creators of PHPList for one important thing: no limitations in the available installation. Many companies follow the scent of money and always push “buy premium - you’ll be very satisfied” somewhere. I believe that the world is already too blinded by the blind pursuit of money. That’s why for you, the creators of PHPList, I express my appreciation. I’m happy to send a donation so that you can continue developing the program and follow this path! If I can help in anything, both to users and to you, I will gladly do so. :smile: Although, I’m still getting to know phplist, so my help probably won’t be adequate to the needs. :thinking:

:date: How long have you been using phpList? / How did you hear about phpList? - GITHUB

:yellow_heart: What do you like the most? - freedom in edition file and code and free :smiley:

:newspaper: Do you want to share how have you customized your public pages? Any screenshots maybe? - soon