My campaign is only sending 6 emails and then stopping!

After sending only 6 emails, my campaign stops. Am I doing something wrong or is this because it’s the free phpList version? My version is hosted with Vidahost.
Do I need to configure something in config.php so that this doesn’t happen, or do I need to constantly requeue after every 6 emails? I have thousands to send!!
I have a delay between emails being sent of 10 seconds so that I do not over send on the server - this part seems to be working OK.

Please help! Thank you.

Have you checked with your host that they are okay with you using phpList and sending so many mails?

Yes. They allow up to 400 per hour. This is why I have 10 seconds between email sends.

Have you got a cron job or anything set up?

Nothing else no. I have only set the email delay. That’s it.

Ok, why don’t you try the remote queue processing. It’s described in this chapter

That could help rule out a few things :smile:

Thank you I will take a look and I think I’ll raise a ticket with my hosting provider. Thanks again.

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This may be down to something timeing out etc. You cant reliably send thousands of emails with the browser method anyway so you will need a cron, remote processing or command-line send

Thanks Anna. I’ll look into this and also raise a support call with Vidahost. :slight_smile:

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