Multiple super admins no longer possible?

I have a clean on prem installation of phplist version 3.6.14 and after installation i created a second administrator. Strange enough he has less rights and that seems correct, his entry is not showing the super admin field enabled but…
When i create a new admin the documentation does not match the fields i getpresented there is no option to create an admin with super admin rights as shown in the documentation Modifying Administrato... | phpList manual

How do i fix this ?



The example add new administrator is from the documentation.
This is the screen shows when i want to add a new admin, that dhould be a Super Admin, the fields Is this a Super Admin and Is this account disabled are not availible in this version 3.6.14 at least not in my configuration.


@eelco I guess that you are logged-in as an ordinary admin, not a super admin.

I am logged in as admin that’s system admin right? It you look at userid 1 thats me.

So with Admin i have the full access and i should be able to see the option to make other system full admins. I

Any clue if it is a possible bug? or i can fix this by making a small hack in the database?

@eelco Do you have any other phplist installations? If so, compare the row in the admin table to see any differences.

File lists/admin/admin.php line 251 onwards displays the selection for a superuser. Try dumping the value of $accesslevel . I guess it is not being set correctly.

You can probably make the second admin a super user by editing its row on the admin table, column superuser set to 1.

@eelco You have highlighted an error in a recent change to the phplist code that inadvertently removes the ability to create new super-admins.

In file admin/admin.php line 17 should be

if (!isSuperUser()) {
    echo Error(s('No Access'));

Add this immediately after

$accesslevel = 'all';

Done, works, thanks…