Multiple "(domain)_php###" Directories

When phpMyAdmin shows the structure for my setup of phpList, it shows two main directories:

(my domain)_phpl745
(my domain)_phpli62

The first directory has a number of its files that are empty while the second directory has files that generally contain many entries.

Do I need both of those directories or can the first one (the one with many empty files) be deleted?

Hi Arlo, aren’t you looking at the database when using phpMyAdmin? (so those would be tables, not directories?)

You can see which database schema that phpList uses, look in the config.php file in your installation, and get the name of the database from there.

if the first schema is empty, and your phpList uses the second schema, then you could most likely delete the first schema, and phpList will be unaffected. Make sure you back it up first… it’s always good to be able to restore something to a working state.

The cardinal rule in computers: “Don’t do anything that cannot be undone.”

Thanks very much, Dan.

My apologies for my vocabulary … yes, I assume that phpMyAdmin takes me to the actual database, so I now understand that “table” is the proper name. (I’ll get on to the correct terminology – eventually, I promise!)

As I updated to 3.3.1, I used the same table name listed in the 3.2.7 config.php file. Having a second database doesn’t seem to be causing problems … and the server did have previous applications, some of which I assume used a database, too. The additional one I found may well be an artefact of applications gone by. More digging before blasting!

Thanks, again.