Multiple Admins with private lists

Is there a way to have multiple admins, with each admin having their own private (not shared) lists, templates, settings? There would be a super-admin that has access to global settings, but each admin would have their own ‘world’ of lists, templates, mailings, reports, etc. Sort of a ‘multi-user’ setup, similar to the way a WordPress site can be a ‘multi-site’ (separate sites, each with own admin, settings, templates, content).

There was some discussion on the forums here 3-5 years ago about having this feature, but I can find no way to do it via a search here or the googles.

I can currently set up multiple admins, and then log in as one of those admins (say 'admin1") and create a list, but if I log in as another admin (not super-admin; say ‘admin2’), the admin2 login can see the lists created by ‘admin1’.

Is there a way to do this without multiple phpList installs on the same domain? Or is there a better product available that will handle this?


@RickH You can create “ordinary” admins who can have their own lists and create campaigns. Those are not visible to other ordinary admins, but are visible to super admins. But templates are visible to all admins as are settings. Not sure about reports though.

If you really want multiple sites, then you will need to have multiple instances of phplist.

Thanks for the reply.

Creating a separate instance for each ‘user’ doesn’t seem to scale well. If you have 100 users, then 100 instances? Or 100 databases? What if you had 1000 users - or more.

I did notice an old thread (2017) about modifying access to allow mutliple administrators to access other admins’ lists. See Multiple Owners for Subscriber Lists .

I haven’t dug into the code, but would a modification of the above mod allow a limitation on what an admin (not super-admin) sees? So that admin1 could create a list (and templates and more) that admin2 could not see or use?

His mod changes admin/accesscheck.php to return value based on the admin. Would a similar approach work? Is there a way to ‘filter’ all screens based on the admin user?