Multi smtp what about authentication with multi smtp?

This wonderful explanation about using multiple smtp servers is great, but leaves out one very important detail: if a user is using multiple smtp servers, what about the different authentication credentials for each one? The explanation given although addressed to multi smtp servers does not cover that aspect.

Anyone know how to use multi authentication with multi servers?

Thank you!

There are a few threads about this I notice. Don’t know anything about it…

Why not search for the other multi-smtp threads and add this as a linked topic and see if you can get more replies.

For multi smtp servers, I would suggest that you use the same authentication method for each of the servers:

  • username/password
  • certificate
  • none

The config file only allows for one setting, so that setting needs to work on all of the smtp servers.

Great thanks guys and gals for all the help. That should do it!

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Did that work for you. Because I think how can the UserName be same for different SMTP Servers. At least password can be same but how can the UserName. Suppose If I set three domains, and then User Name of three SMTPs can’t be same.

Any Idea