Message viewed 22 hours ago, bounced 9 hours ago... how?

I’m not sure how phpList determines that a message has been viewed. This leaves me confused about a situation where phpList is telling me that a message was viewed by the recipient 22 hours ago… but Gmail bounced the message 9 hours ago. Clearly a recipient can’t view a message they don’t receive.

I know some automated processes can be treated as a viewing. When I include my mail-to-Evernote address in a campaign’s recipients, it will appear as “viewed” almost immediately, apparently when Evernote receives it (i.e., not when I’m actually seeing it in Evernote).

Can it be that a bounce – in this case where the message was marked as rejected because the destination account is “over quota” – would also be treated as a viewing? Or, since so many hours passed between the “view” and the bounce, maybe the “view” was triggered by insertion of the message into a delayed-delivery queue?

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@crenel84 I’m not sure of the explanation, but looking at the specific bounce message content may help. Google sends a wide range of bounce messages for different reasons, including some which are not really technical failures but more policy or user preference related. If you determine the reason please share it here. Good luck!

Here is the full bounce message:

An error occurred while trying to deliver the mail to the following recipients:
Action: failed
Final-Recipient: rfc822; [masked]
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 4.4.7 Message expired: unable to deliver in 840 minutes.<452-4.2.2 The email account that you tried to reach is over quota. Please direct<CRLF>452-4.2.2 the recipient to<CRLF>452 4.2.2 d20-v6si8578272plr.206 - gsmtp>
Status: 4.4.7

(Note that the <CRLF> shown above is literally what appeared in the bounce message.)

I’m more confused about this now than before, because the above indicates that Google queued the mail for delivery and “failed” it after 14 hours, which I take to mean that delivery attempts stopped. However, looking at the campaign stats now, it shows the recipient viewed it 22 hours after I sent it. This doesn’t match up at all – it doesn’t match up with the message being bounced as “failed” and it doesn’t match up with what I saw earlier, i.e., the apparent recipient view occurring before the bounce.

Unless… I viewed the data wrong before. I’m seeing now that I originally referred to the apparent view as “22 hours ago” but the Response Time in the campaign stats is 22 hours (from time of sending, presumably), so that could imply I misinterpreted the Response Time previously. It still wouldn’t explain why the recipient viewed a message that bounced, but it’s easier to see a potential explanation there than it is for a view prior to the bounce.

There is a list of smtp error codes available here

554 has an interesting comment! Though it doesn’t really offer much idea of why the message failed. Most sites simply report 554 Transaction failed

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