Menu link to custom plugin not visible for every user


I wrote a custom plugin and added the index.php page to the top menu “campaigns”.
PhpList Version 3.3.1

My configuration in MyPlugin.php:

public $topMenuLinks = array(
	'index' => array('category' => 'campaigns')

public $pageTitles = array(
	'index' => 'my plugin page'

public function adminmenu()
    return array(
        // page, description
        'main'       => 'Main Page',
        'index' => 'my plugin page',

When I’m logged in as admin, I can see the new menu item. When I login as another user (even when this user has superuser rights), the menu item ‘my plugin page’ disappears, even though I can access the page through the link in the startpage.

Why is the menu item only visible when admin is logged in?

Regards, Lisa

Are you sure that the other admin is actually a super-admin? The menu items are displayed only for super admins.

Alright, the menu item is visible for all super admins. I had to logout/login again to see the change.

Why are additional menu items only displayed for super users, though?
Other users can still access the plugin page via the main page, so it makes sense to show them the additional menu item as well.