Matomo Tracking

I use Matomo for my analytics, and was glad to see the option of using it within PHPList without having to create each link URL with the tracking details added.

I’m not sure if Matomo is backwards compatible with the tracking parameters, I’ve tried googling, but cannot find a clear answer.

BUT Matomo now uses mtm_[parameter] instead of PK_[parameter], where as PHPList still adds the parameter as PK_

I’m guessing I can just edit the analytics.php file on lines 45, 46, 47 and 53 to reflect this? Line 53 would probably be the only one that really needs to change, as the others are just what is shown next to the User Input boxes.

Am I correct?

@toby1479 I’m using a similar setup and can confirm that even though Matomo (formally PIWIK) have made substantive changes, the build DOES honor the previous pk_ “calls”(How do I customize the Matomo Campaign parameters pk_campaign and pk_kwd? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo) The matomo tracker.js implements backward compatibility code even for those who don’t have the luxury of editing god knows how many websites to make changes from pk_ to mtm_. Additionally there is a URL Builder (both in your Matomo Dashboard) and on the website to reference for url building. Hope this helps? Also, you’d have to update the code change for every new release of PHPlist.

@nathanlang Thank you for confiming that it is backwards compatible. I thought it probably would be, I just couldn’t find confirmation of that.