Master server and slave servers in phpList

Hello everyone, I need to implement a setup in phpList where campaign sending is managed through a master server to three slave servers. Is it even possible to implement such a configuration in phpList? Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

Each instance of phplist has it’s own database, so if you are wanting a heirarchy of installations (master/slaves), that is not possible in the downloadable product.

You can configure a ‘rotating mail server’ for sending, it’s a customization in the code, probably only doable by someone familiar with php, and phpList.

Thank you on your response.

Do you mean by ‘rotating mail server’ that I should install an SMTP server on each server and then configure the master to rotate those 4 connected servers? If I didn’t understand you correctly, please explain to me conceptually what you exactly meant.

I was referring to setting up phpList to send email via multiple outgoing email servers. Not knowing what you want to accomplish, I don’t have any recommendation of how to implement phpList. My main thought was that it is possible to do advanced configurations, but you would be deviating from an ‘out of the box’ setup that has been tested and released.