Mass confirmation of subscribers

Hey there, i importes several hundreds mail adresses from a wordpress plugin and now only 6 of them are “confirmed” subscribers. I can change that one by one, but how can i confirm all of them all at once? Thanks and Greetings Bastian

@waldkauz How did you do the import? The default is to mark subscribers as “confirmed”. There is an option to not overwrite existing subscribers so possibly those subscribers already existed and were unconfirmed.

Hey there, i now inported just the 700 adresses wirthout the csv. Thanks for your hints. Is it correct that phplist is just sending out batches of 50 Mails in 24 hours. That would take forever for my 700+ Mails. Do i have to upgrade for more mails per 24hours?

@waldkauz Are you using the hosted phplist e.g. or install it on your own server?

If it is the former then you need to raise a support ticket. Otherwise the online documentation for the Sending chapter.