Manually Blacklisted Subscribers Not Displayed Correctly

I am using phpList v3.2.6. I have a script that is manually blacklist subscribers by directly modifying the database:

  • set user.blacklisted = 1
  • adding email to user_blacklist
  • adding reason to user_blacklist_data
  • adding entry to user_history

However, when I go through the admin front-end and search for the subscriber by email, the summary page will display a green thumb-up icon instead of the red thumb-down icon. When I click on the subscriber to view the details, it does correctly show “Is this subscriber blacklisted Yes”. The strange thing is that this icon will correctly display the status icon for subscribers that I had manually blacklisted if it occurred yesterday or older. So is there a process that phpList is running to gather the subscriber summary on a daily basis? … if so, how can I manual kick off this process or update whatever table to reflect the latest status so that it is displayed correctly in the admin front-end.

It is not a technical issue… it is just annoying to have to wait a day to see whether my subscribers had been blacklisted or not.

This might be caused by the way that phplist applies a “grace time” after someone is blacklisted. That is to allow an email to be sent to an otherwise blacklisted subscriber. See function isBlackListed() in file admin/inc/userlib.php.