Manage Campaign Templates not saved after Upgrade to 3.3.8

Hi everyone,

since I upgraded PHPList to 3.3.8 I always get the following error message when I change a Campaign Template and click on the Save Changes Button:

“The title of the template exists.
Some errors were found, template NOT saved!”

The changes are not saved.
The first message is true, but still I need to be able to change an existing template.
There are no details provided which errors were found. The php log on the server doesn’t show anything.

To edit templates and messages I’m using the CKEditorPlugin. The settings for the plugin are default settings.

Does anyone has an idea what I could do to be able to change existing templates again?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, that was an issue introduced on 3.3.8 and it has already been fixed to be included on 3.3.9. At the moment a workaround would be saving the template with another name when you make changes.

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Thanks, Suela.

Good to know that the issue get’s fixed with the next update.

Next time I’ll check Mantis first as well.

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