Manage attribute value when a new email address is added


I have a subscriber database with ~10.000 email address. Each subscriber can be “marked” as a “professional” using an attribute I created (a checkboxgroup whose value can be “artist”, “label”, …).
When I get a listing of email addresses for people who are artists, how can I add these email addresses to Phplist such a way that :

  1. new addresses are added into the database with the “professional” attribute set to "artist"
  2. existing email addresses have their “professional” attribute set to “artist” but WITHOUT having their list membership modified ?

Could you advise me to run this operation smoothly ?

It would be a nice thing to have the attributes shown in the simple import page “/admin/?page=importsimple” to be able to define the attributes to set for each address which will be imported when the import button is fired… Don’t you think ?

Many thanks !


You need PhpList available.

But before proceeding. What version of PhpList use?

My PHPList version is 3.0.12.

Download the latest list that you uploaded.

And read as PhpList are saving attributes.

Then up the new mail in that order


There is a problem. When you want to import email addresses using PHPList importing pages, you have to select which lists you want to subscribe the users you are importing. After exporting the full subscriber list and modified it to alter attributes to some users, I think that I can’t re-import the full list into PHPList without modifying the memberships because I have to select which list to subscribe the imported members… Is it clear, what I mean ?

How can I import a list of email addresses to different lists if I have to select the destination list first ??

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You should be able to import a file without selecting a list. In that case the list membership for each subscriber should not change.

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Yes, I regularly do this. Upload with no list selected which updates data for the whole system, then for individual lists I just copy paste in the emails only, which deals with list membership quickly.