Mails are sending, EXCEPT to admin

I Installed PHPlist, created a testmailing list added a few mail adresses and have send a test mail.
Everything works fine and i receive the test mailing on my private adresses like, but NOT at the adress with which used to set up PHPlist. I don’t realy get why?

Is this some kind of option in phplist, or why am I not receiving mails on this specific adress?

Do you have an example of the domain where phpLlist is installed, and the email address that you are not getting?

Off hand, it might be that the email address or pointers (dns) are not set properly.

I would test the ‘broken’ email address by sending to it via google, and see if the message arrives. Once you know the email address is good, the next step is to figure out why phpList cannot send to it.