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Mailgun plugin for eu region


I am trying to set the plugin to work, but it seems to fail. I tried to change in the source (HttpClientConfigurator.php and Mailgun.php) the instances of ‘’ to ‘’ but with no success. I also set the sender as for using the active mailgun domain, and set the api key. Obviously, I first checked that my mailgun account is working, by sending a test email via the curl interface.

How can I proceed? There is some debug flag that I can use to deepen the analysis of what is going on?

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


@AlessandroFalaschi Errors in sending should be written to the phplist event log.

The plugin needs updating with the latest SDK but this recent change shows how to set the endpoint


Thank you very much Duncan,

I applied the patch you suggest, as well the little hack I mention, but unfortunately I still have no success, so I am using Mailgun via the SMTP interface, which works well.

The phplist event log simply state

Started [0.0194990000] (131)
Sending in batches of 180 emails [0.0001440000] (132)
Processing has started, [0.0004130000] (135)
One campaign to process. [0.0088970000] (137)
Processing campaign 34 [0.0094370000] (155)
Looking for subscribers [0.0383680000] (160)
Found them: 3 to process [0.0102820000] (166)
Processed 3 out of 3 subscribers [120.9992230000] (266)
Script stage: 5 [0.0062470000] (268)
3 failed (will retry later) [0.0001570000] (269)
1 Campaign
0 num_users_for_message
3 batch_count
180 batch_total
3 sendemail returned false total
0 send blocked by domain throttle
0 add attachment error
3 sendemail returned false
0 sentastest
0 invalid
3 failed_sent
0 Sent
180 num_per_batch
1 Status
0 sent_users_for_message 34
3 total_users_for_message 34
0 max_users_for_message 34
3 processed_users_for_message 34
3 failed_sent_for_message 34
Finished this run [0.0169530000] (326)

which seems to me of little use. Next days I could try to use the US region endopint to check if my problem manifests itself only for the EU region.


@AlessandroFalaschi This is the code in the plugin that sends an email

try {
    $result = $client->sendMessage($domain, $parameters, $files);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    logEvent(sprintf('Mailgun send exception: %s', $e->getMessage()));

    return false;

if ($result->http_response_code == 200 && $result->http_response_body->message == 'Queued. Thank you.') {
    return true;
logEvent('Mailgun send failed: ' . print_r($result, true));

return false;

If the plugin returns false, which seems to be what is happening, then there will be an entry in the event log.


Oh well, I did not realize I had to check the event log under System/EventLog. I seems to be more informative than the messages on the console. At the moment my mailgun domain is blocked again, but I think I am on the good path.

Thank you again very much for the patience!