Mail with typo stuck in queue

I am brand new to phplist, and I misspelled the listadmin mail address on my first test campaign.
The system sent the mails to the test subscribers, but now seems to retry to send the last missing mail to this non-existing mail server every second in an endless loop.
The error is hard to read because the text scrolls down pretty fast.
I deleted the campain (maybe I should not have done this …), but this message is still stuck in the sending queue.
I can suspend the queue, but I can not kill it.
How can I get rid of it?

At least I managed to slow things down (by setting MAILQUEUE_* parameters). Still - phplist reloads the configuration but does not seem to allow me to stop this endless retrying.


@hartmut You can mark the campaign as “sent” which should stop phplist trying to send it again. If the problem is with an admin email, such as the “finished sending” email, then I am surprised that phplist is trying to repeat sending it.

For now the problem is solved. I manually corrected the email address in the phplist_user_user database table, resumed the campain and it finished successfully.

But if phplist already knows that an email is invalid:
The log contains: "Error sending email to listadmin(at) SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: listadmin(at)my . server . de: Domain does not exist: ‘my . server . de’ "
then why does it retry without end and does not consider this like a bounce?


By the way: I can not post the original error message because “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.” :slight_smile: