Mail sent from phplist goes to gmail spam but not when sent from roundcube

Hi all,
I have a very strange problem that I am trying to figure out and solve.
I have own mail server (postfix. dovecot, roundcube etc…)
All configured correctly, (dns, dkim, rdns tls,…) all the tests I’ve done give an good result as expected.

When I send email from roundcube to gmail, everything is fine, the message is in inbox.
When I send completely the same message (same subject same body, same sender address all copy / past) with PhpList, message goes in spam.
PhpList is configured to use smtp, same as roundcube with same user. With all default config. (nothing changed)

The only difference I noticed by analyzing mail source is in headers and I try to play with phplist headers but always same result. SPAM.

How gmail recognizes that that mail is sent from phplist and why mark it as spam.
What I can do to prevent this behavior.

phplist version 3.3.3

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Well i think that i found whats trigger spam for mail sent via phplis to gmail.
Its “received from:” header and sender IP address.
Roundcube set “received from” as sender ip address or localhost
but phplist set sender real ip address (my home ip address).

I changed in class.phplistmailer.php
//$sTimeStamp = “from $from by $hostname with HTTP; $request_time”; //comment this line and change to:
$sTimeStamp = “from $hostname by $hostname with HTTP; $request_time”; //remove sender ip address replace $from variable with $hostname variable

mail is in gmail INBOX :)))
for now…


@gekol Interesting. So by effectively spoofing your sender IP, your local server deliverability to GMail improved?

I apologize for the late response I was busy sending mails :).
Yes exactly that. By hiding (spoofing) sender IP, in this case my home external ip improve gmail inbox rate.
Maybe gmail hate my ISP ip or me personally :slight_smile: I don’t know but this tweak works for me.

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@gekol That’s fascinating, and counter-intuitive. I’d expect this kind of policy (if it is a deliberate policy) to change frequently. Great that your deliverability is still benefiting from the change. Please let us know how this works out long term!

same here, your ip is listed in blacklist by some thing , send a mail to mail-tester by phplist then you will figure out i hope