Mail "sent" (?) but not reaching recipients


I use a cron job to send my campaigns. The first campaigns worked fine. In all of them I got a few “views” and always some “undelivered mail” messages.

The cron is this:
php /home2/conceptu/public_html/hdname/mailing/lists/admin/index.php -pprocessqueue -c/home2/conceptu/public_html/hdname/mailing/lists/config/config.php

Now phplist shows that the current campaigns’ mails are being sent, but there are no views, and there are no “undelivered mail” messages. So I conclude that mails may not be reaching recipients.
On the other hand Test Mail works fine…

Is there a way to check/verify/log if mails are reaching the recipients? Or if in fact they are being sent?

Here is a link image with the stats.

Best regards!

Could they all be getting text versions or have you stopped tracking?


The mails are all in HTML as you may see in this image.

If I stopped trackin I did it inadvertedly. How could I check if I did that?

On the other hand, I have received no errors of “undelivered mail”. Could this be a server-side issue? I’m sending mails under the hour limit of 150…