Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

Hi All,

I have installed phpList on my own host provided by GoDaddy. Also make configuration of each single parameter and everything working properly and smoothly.

Unfortunately, before couple of hours I had face unexpected issue, which is received mail delivery failure when I process with new campaign whereas same campaign with template was in use today morning.

It anyone suggest a solution for me?

Thanks for all of you guys.

You should look into the number of messages per hour that GoDaddy allows. I believe it is something like 250 or so.

Set your sending speed to something like 200/hr, and see how that works.
After sending emails and creating a history of bounce rates, you can ask godaddy to increase the number of emails that you can send an hour/day.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response, i have waiting 24 hours but unfortunately i got nothing :frowning:

is any another suggestion?