Logout when any menu item selected

I have installed PHPList via Softilicious on a domain-name-less cPanel account of the WHM managed dedicated server.

Apache mod_userdir protection is/was disabled and so the PHPList Admin URL is:

(where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the cPanel account as an accessible URL)

And in the /phplist/config/config.php file, the pageroot is set toi the default:

$pageroot = ‘/phplist’;

That ought work fine, however …

Every time I log in and click on any of the PHPList Admin Dashboard Sub-Menu Items, for example:

Subscribers->Subscriber lists

I get logged out to:


Inasmuch, my PHPList installation is totally non-functional.

Can anyone advise me on how to fix the problem?


PHPList v3.4.2

PHP v7.3

@jww2nlusmkvhzm40l0a5 Possibly a problem with the php session. Have you made any changes to the way that php handles sessions?

if it is a problem with the session, you might want to put this in the config.php file…

// to increase security the session of a user is checked for the IP address
// this needs to be the same for every request. This may not work with
// network situations where you connect via multiple proxies, so you can
// switch off the checking by setting this to 0
define('CHECK_SESSIONIP', 1);

I am also having same issue.When trying to click any of menu in phplist admin panel i will get logged out to

define(‘CHECK_SESSIONIP’, 1);
i have added above code in config.php

Still the issue is persisting