Logging out before queue is finished

I’ve been using phpList for a bit over a year and it’s been really useful.
I have been having one problem though; when I send out a message, I always get logged out after a period of time (about half an hour?) before it finishes sending. Once I’m logged out it stops sending.

Is there any way to configure it to keep me logged in longer? I’m the only one with access to my computer so I don’t need to log out so quickly.

I have ~400 subscribers and need to space them out because my ISP only allows 250 emails per hour. (I set that up already.)

Thanks all!

What version of phpList are you using?

It is… Version 3.3.1
Thank you!


I’d probably recommend that you setup cron jobs, one to process the queue automatically, and one to process the bounces.

Instructions here:

> https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch036_setting-up-your-cron.xhtml

@hcom You may also want to use the remote queue processing service for convenience.