running 3.25

when an admin sends a campaign with multiple lists not owned by him, the two attributes show as themselves. This is not good…
Is there a php if statement to hide one or both if this happens. I am using these in the footer.

I don’t know how to determine which lists are owned by whom at send time.


@johntrot For the time being you shouldn’t use that form of the placeholders when you are not sure that all lists are owned by the same admin. This has been raised as an issue https://mantis.phplist.org/view.php?id=18124
Would using the attributes of the admin who owns the message work for you instead?

I’m sorry to say, I don’t know how to utilize the Admin attributes! My scenario below is typical on most campaigns sent by my me.

A Superuser sends a campaign to multiple lists owned by Admin ‘X’, Admin ‘Y’, and Admin ‘Z’, using Admin ‘R’s’ profile in a campaign.

According to 3.2.5 docs, the [LISTOWNER.FIRSTNAME], AND [LISTOWNER.ROLE] can only be used for single list owner “lists”.

I tried it out and found it to be a nice addition, however it is seldom that simple - one list owner and one Admin. As a superuser I do many campaigns where these are mixed. I did find that [OWNER.FIRSTNAME] works great.

Just looking for a way to do php “if statement” to hide the [LISTOWNER.FIRSTNAME], AND [LISTOWNER.ROLE] if mixed in a campaign

If you can help me with the Admin attributes I would love to look and give them a try.


@johntrot This proposed change will remove the listowner placeholders when they are not applicable https://github.com/phpList/phplist3/pull/67

Rather than make the individual changes it is probably simpler to replace the file admin/sendemaillib.php with the one from the change

Thanks, added the sendemaillib file. Then used it in several scenarios where it worked like a charm.
Saved me some time from hacking into the file and trying to find the code.

Thanks @johntrot