List management

Hello is there a way to automatically unsubscribe a person from one list when they subscribe to another list. For example;
List 1 = Free Webinar
List 2 = Customers.

Once people become a customer and register for the Customer list, I’d like them to be automatically taken off Free webinar list so that they don’t get the free webinar marketing anymore.

Thank you in advance

@jamesmcnamara No, there isn’t a way to automatically remove someone from a list in that way.
However you might be able to use the “list exclude” feature when sending a campaign to the free webinar list. Only select subscribers who are on that list and are not on the customers list. Add this to the config.php file to enable that feature

# list exclude will add the option to send a message to users who are on a list
# except when they are on another list.

Thank you Duncanc! That will work.
I appreciate your prompt response.

Kind Regards