LinkTracking very slow when script is sending emails

I´ve noticed that the links on my mailing list email, links that pass by phplist for tracking, like this take a long time and even timeout when the script is still sending the emails on the list.

I don´t remember this happening before, maybe I did´t even noticed… But what I have found is that the bounce table on the database is almost 1 gigabyte! could the size of this table be the source of the problem or this is just a matter of memory management?


Hi Fred,

It’s always good to do some database maintenance once in a while. basically you want to optimize the tables periodically. I use MySQL Workbench to do this, you can use phpMyAdmin, or the command line.

That should speed everything up.

You might want to make sure you have enough ram… my database server has lots of it, and it runs mostly in ram. MySQL Workbench makes this all visible to you…

You’ll want to make sure that your database is optimized periodically. When I let my larger system go attended, it has had a database of over 300Gb… I need to keep on top of this.

Most of the bounce database is the ‘blob’, which is the message. you can search and replace, be careful that you know what your are doing, It’s always good to make a backup before you do a big change.

Hello Dan,

Thank you very much for your reply, I´ll do that.

I was thinking about using a modified version of this query to delete the data field contents

“ALTER TABLE phplist_bounce DROP data;”

This command above will delete the field itself, what would be the command to delete only the field contents, the blobs?


You shouldn’t do that because phplist won’t be able to interpret the bounces.
If you don’t need the bounces any longer then delete them through phplist, menu System > View bounces.

Thank you Duncan, I´ve just used the system menu to delete the bounces. The database is now much smaller…

Next time I send the newsletter I´ll test the links to see what happens.


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